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25 Weather Emojis: From Sunny Smiles to Stormy Symbols


Hello, emoji enthusiasts and weather aficionados! 🌟🌦 Are you thrilled by the prospect of matching the perfect emoji to a sunny day? Do you eagerly scroll through your phone, seeking a more playful way to talk about the weather? Well, your search ends here with our guide to weather emojis! 🌈

Dive into the Whimsical World of Weather Emojis

Dive with me into a delightful exploration of weather emojis! 🌐🌀️ Picture this: you can now articulate every shift in weather, from the beaming joy of a sunny day to the brooding presence of a storm, all with the right emoji. We’re all set to unpack 25 weather emojis, bringing a sprinkle of digital enchantment to your weather chats.

Consider this your ultimate guide to navigating the vibrant world of weather emojis. Whether you’re an emoji veteran or a curious newbie, I’m here to guide you through this vivid digital landscape. Together, we’ll uncover the meanings behind sunny grins, cloudy musings, rainy day reflections, stormy expressions, snowy scenes with the snow emoji, and even the enigmatic moods of the atmosphere. πŸŒžπŸŒ§οΈβš‘β„οΈπŸŒͺ️

Embark on an Emoji Adventure

Are you geared up to infuse your weather conversations with a dash of emoji fun? Picture sending a single sunny emoji β˜€οΈ to propose a beach day, or using a cloud and rain emoji 🌧️ to share your fondness for drizzly weather. Maybe even convey your awe of a thunderstorm with a striking lightning emoji ⚑. The potential is limitless and full of charm!

Strap in as we go beyond mere weather talk; we’re set to weave stories using emojis. Join me on this spirited journey across the digital skies, interpreting these endearing symbols from the luminous rays of the sun to the fierce roars of the storm. Prepare to upgrade your emoji skills and become an adept weather-emoji narrator! πŸš€πŸŒ

Are you ready to delve into the playful and vivid realm of weather emojis? Let’s embark on this emoji escapade together! πŸŽ‰πŸ“²

The 25 Weather Emojis

Β 1. Sun β˜€οΈ

The sun emoji is like that friend who’s always upbeat, bringing a smile to your face with its promise of a bright day. This emoji pops up in our messages on those perfect picnic days when the sun is your only companion. 🌻

  • Meaning: It represents clear skies and the presence of the sun without any clouds in sight.
  • Use: Great for inviting someone to hit the beach, sharing your sunny disposition, or just when you need a dose of virtual Vitamin D.
  • Unicode Info: Codepoint U+2600, introduced in 1993 with Unicode 1.1, ensuring that it’s a classic symbol recognized across platforms.

2. Sun Behind Small Cloud 🌀️

Peek-a-boo! The sun behind a small cloud emoji shows us that even the sun gets a little shy sometimes. It’s the perfect blend of a few clouds with plenty of sunshine, making it an excellent symbol for mostly sunny forecasts. β˜€οΈβ˜οΈ

  • Meaning: Suggests mostly sunny weather with a touch of light cloudiness for a bit of flair.
  • Use: Ideal for when the day is expected to be pleasant with a tiny chance of cloud cover, or to express a mostly positive mood with a slight uncertainty.
  • Unicode Info: Codepoint U+1F324, added to Unicode 7.0 in 2014, perfectly capturing a partly sunny day in emoji form.

3. Partly Sunny πŸŒ₯

The partly sunny emoji is your go-to for those days when the sun is playing hide and seek with the clouds. It’s like the weather can’t quite decide between a sunbathing session or a cozy day in. πŸŒ₯

  • Meaning: Depicts a day that is balanced between sun and cloud cover, perfect for conveying a mix of weather conditions.
  • Use: Pop this into a message when the weather is fluctuating or when you’re feeling hopeful despite some minor setbacks.
  • Unicode Info: Codepoint U+26C5, introduced in 2009 with Unicode 5.2, and it’s become our visual cue for β€œmake sure to grab your sunglasses… and maybe an umbrella.”

 4. Partly Sunny with Rain 🌦

Ever experienced sunshine on a rainy day? That’s what the partly sunny with rain emoji is all about. It’s the meteorological mash-up of a little bit of rain with a promise of sunshine. 🌦️🌈

  • Meaning: This emoji captures the whimsical weather combo of sun and rain happening simultaneously.
  • Use: It’s perfect for expressing the surprise of a sun shower or the delight of spotting a rainbow.
  • Unicode Info: Codepoint U+1F326, introduced in Unicode 7.0 in 2014, it gives us a visual for those “best of both worlds” weather moments.

5. Sun Behind Large Cloud β˜€οΈπŸŒ₯

The sun behind a large cloud emoji is a bit of a cliffhanger – the sun’s there, but the cloud’s the star of the show. It’s like a teaser of a sunny day that’s just beyond the horizon.

  • Meaning: This one signals considerable cloud cover, but with a strong chance of the sun making a grand appearance.
  • Use: Send this when you’re hoping the clouds will clear or to signify a silver lining in a situation.
  • Unicode Info: Codepoint U+1F325, part of Unicode 7.0 since 2014, reminding us that the sun hasn’t quite left the stage.

6. Cloud ☁️

Moving from the sun to the clouds, the simple cloud emoji is the soft, fluffy symbol of overcast skies. It’s the cozy blanket of the emoji weather series, suggesting a day to snuggle up indoors.

  • Meaning: It represents cloud cover and is the universal sign for a cloudy day.
  • Use: Use it when no sun is expected to peek through, or when you’re in the mood for a lazy, indoor day.
  • Unicode Info: Codepoint U+2601, part of Unicode 1.1 since 1993, it’s the go-to for a “no sunglasses needed” kind of day.

7. Partly Cloudy β›…

This emoji is like the sky wearing polka dots, where the clouds playfully dot the blue canvas. It’s your classic partly cloudy day, with enough blue sky to keep your spirits high. β›…

  • Meaning: A mix of sun and clouds, where neither completely overpowers the other.
  • Use: Perfect for scheduling a picnic while being ready for a game of “spot the sun”, or when you’re optimistic despite a bit of uncertainty.
  • Unicode Info: Codepoint U+26C5, a member of the Unicode club since 2009 with Unicode 5.2, and it’s a visual shorthand for β€œkeep your sunglasses handy, just in case”.

8. White Sun Behind Cloud πŸŒ₯

This emoji captures the sun’s valiant effort to shine through a thick blanket of clouds. It’s a softer version of daylight, ideal for those who prefer the sun’s gentler side. πŸŒ₯

  • Meaning: It indicates a mostly cloudy day with the sun trying to break through.
  • Use: It’s suitable for conveying a hopeful message or when the sun’s rays are gently warming a chilly day.
  • Unicode Info: Codepoint U+1F325, added to Unicode 7.0 in 2014, it’s like a visual whisper of the sun saying, “I’m still here.”

9. White Sun Behind Cloud with Rain 🌦

The white sun behind the cloud with rain emoji is for those moments when the weather can’t decide between a comforting drizzle and a reassuring glimpse of the sun. It’s nature’s version of a “just because” gift. 🌦️

  • Meaning: Simultaneous sunshine and rainfall, a serene scene right out of a storybook.
  • Use: Ideal for describing those magical moments when you feel like dancing in the rain, yet you’re grateful for the warmth of the sun.
  • Unicode Info: Codepoint U+1F326, introduced in Unicode 7.0 in 2014, this emoji brings a touch of whimsy to our weather forecasts.

10. Cloud with Rain 🌧

The cloud with rain emoji is the quintessential symbol for those days when the sky opens up and decides to pour its heart out. It’s the go-to for texting about canceled plans or just enjoying the pitter-patter on your window. 🌧️

  • Meaning: Signifies rainy weather, from light showers to significant rainfall.
  • Use: Perfect for sharing your love for rainy days, alerting someone to bring an umbrella, or setting the mood for a cozy day indoors.
  • Unicode Info: Codepoint U+1F327, introduced in Unicode 7.0 in 2014, this emoji is the digital shorthand for “rainy days and Mondays.”

11. Umbrella β˜‚οΈ

The umbrella emoji isn’t just about rain; it’s about being prepared, come rain or shine. It represents care, protection, and the readiness to face whatever falls from the sky. β˜‚οΈ

  • Meaning: A symbol of protection against the rain, often used to talk about rainy weather or to offer comfort.
  • Use: Whip this out when reminding someone to stay dry or when you’re channeling your inner Mary Poppins.
  • Unicode Info: Codepoint U+2602, it’s been in the Unicode standard since 1.1, making it a long-standing emblem for rainy days.

12. Umbrella on Ground ⛱️

While the umbrella usually cues us to rainy weather, the umbrella on the ground emoji takes us to the beach, symbolizing relaxation and leisure under the sun. ⛱️

  • Meaning: This emoji is less about weather and more about the environment, often associated with beaches and sunny vacation spots.
  • Use: Great for when you’re beach-bound, making plans for a sunny retreat, or just daydreaming about lounging on sandy shores.
  • Unicode Info: Codepoint U+26F1, added to Unicode 7.0 in 2014, it brings a bit of summer holiday spirit to our messages.

13. Face Blowing Wind 🌬

Here we have the face blowing wind emoji, a mystic representation of the invisible force of nature. It’s like Mother Nature is reminding us of her gentle yet powerful presence.

  • Meaning: This emoji is often used to represent wind or a gusty day.
  • Use: Perfect for indicating a windy day ahead or to describe a situation that’s taken an unexpected turn.
  • Unicode Info: Codepoint U+1F32C, introduced in Unicode 7.0 in 2014, brings a human touch to the otherwise unseen breeze.

14. Dash Symbol πŸ’¨

The dash symbol emoji is the speedster of weather emojis, often depicting things moving at a fast pace, just like a swift breeze passing by.

  • Meaning: It can represent wind, speed, or something moving away quickly.
  • Use: Use it when talking about speedy travel, a quick departure, or to describe someone who is very fast.
  • Unicode Info: Codepoint U+1F4A8, part of Unicode 6.0 since 2010, this emoji is versatile, representing both the literal and metaphorical “whoosh” moments in life.

15. Sweat Droplets πŸ’¦

Often paired with hot weather or physical exertion, the sweat droplets emoji isn’t just about the workout grind; it can also symbolize raindrops, adding a splash of drama to any weather narrative.

  • Meaning: This emoji can denote sweat, rain, or other forms of droplets.
  • Use: Ideal for showcasing effort, humidity, or just to add a bit of “splash” to your messages.
  • Unicode Info: Codepoint U+1F4A6, with us since Unicode 6.0 in 2010, it’s become a go-to for expressing effort or the impact of a humid day.

16. High Voltage ⚑

The high voltage emoji is electric in every sense of the word, representing the raw power and energy of a thunderstorm. It’s the spark that lights up the emoji narrative.

  • Meaning: Symbolizes electricity, lightning, or a sudden surge of energy.
  • Use: Zap this into a conversation when talking about a thunderstorm, a flash of inspiration, or to describe something that’s shockingly good.
  • Unicode Info: Codepoint U+26A1, introduced in Unicode 4.0 in 2003, it’s the universal sign for electric energy and the unexpected.

17. Cloud with Lightning 🌩

When the cloud with lightning emoji strikes, it’s a clear sign that the virtual weather is taking a dramatic turn. This emoji captures the intensity of a stormy sky.

  • Meaning: Represents stormy weather, specifically indicating thunder and lightning.
  • Use: It’s ideal for dramatic effect, whether warning of a stormy forecast or describing a charged situation.
  • Unicode Info: Codepoint U+1F329, added to Unicode 7.0 in 2014, it brings the tempestuous side of weather to our fingertips.

18. Thunder Cloud and Rain β›ˆ

The thunder cloud and rain emoji is where the drama of a thunderstorm meets the tranquility of rain. It’s perfect for those moments when the skies are both awe-inspiring and soothing.

  • Meaning: Indicates a thunderstorm accompanied by rain, the full package of a stormy day.
  • Use: Use it when you’re caught in a downpour, or when life feels a bit tumultuous, yet you find peace in the chaos.
  • Unicode Info: Codepoint U+26C8, a part of Unicode 5.2 since 2009, this emoji encapsulates the dual nature of a good storm.

19. Snowflake ❄️

The snowflake emoji is nature’s delicate crystal, a frosty emblem of winter’s touch and the uniqueness of each cold, crisp moment.

  • Meaning: It signifies snow or cold temperatures, capturing the singular beauty of a snowflake.
  • Use: Sprinkle this in conversations when the snow is falling, the holiday season is approaching, or when you’re feeling especially unique.
  • Unicode Info: Codepoint U+2744, it’s been chilling in the Unicode standard since 1.1 and remains a cool way to express chilly temps.

20. Cloud with Snow 🌨

With the cloud with snow emoji, the sky is blanketing the world in a cozy layer of snow, perfect for days spent watching the flurries from a warm spot indoors.

  • Meaning: This emoji represents snowy weather, a time when the snowflakes are gathering to transform the landscape.
  • Use: Best used when a snow day is forecasted, during winter sports chatter, or to illustrate a serene, snowy scene.
  • Unicode Info: Codepoint U+1F328, part of Unicode 7.0 since 2014, it’s the visual cue for “get your sleds out!”

21. Snowman β›„

The snowman emoji is a playful nod to the joy of winter and the fun that comes with a fresh snowfall, from building frosty friends to engaging in snowball fights.

  • Meaning: Often associated with winter fun, the snowman represents cold weather and holiday cheer.
  • Use: It’s perfect for seasonal greetings, sharing winter moments, or when you’re crafting a snowman in your backyard.
  • Unicode Info: Codepoint U+26C4, introduced in Unicode 5.2 back in 2009, this emoji has been bringing frosty fun to our messages for years.

22. Snowman Without Snow β˜ƒοΈ

The snowman without snow emoji is all about the spirit of winter, minus the actual snow. It’s the icon of cold days, holiday vibes, and the joy of winter festivities.

  • Meaning: Symbolizes the winter season and holiday cheer, often associated with Christmas and festive celebrations.
  • Use: Great for holiday greetings, expressing a love for the winter season, or when you’re in a festive mood.
  • Unicode Info: Codepoint U+2603, joining the Unicode family in 1.1, it’s been a frosty favorite in our winter emoji collection.

23. Freezing Face πŸ₯Ά

The freezing face emoji is the ultimate expression of “brrr!” It’s for those moments when the cold isn’t just outside, but you can feel it in your bones.

  • Meaning: Represents being extremely cold or feeling the chill, either literally or metaphorically.
  • Use: Use this when you’re feeling particularly chilly, to describe a cold environment, or when you’re “frozen” in shock.
  • Unicode Info: Codepoint U+1F976, it shivered its way into Unicode 11.0 in 2018, bringing a whole new level of cool to our messages.

24. Tornado πŸŒͺ

The tornado emoji captures the raw power and unpredictability of nature. It’s the whirlwind of the emoji world, symbolizing both literal and metaphorical turbulence.

  • Meaning: Represents a tornado or a whirlwind, often used to depict severe weather conditions.
  • Use: Perfect for discussing stormy weather, or metaphorically, to describe a chaotic situation or a whirlwind of emotions.
  • Unicode Info: Codepoint U+1F32A, introduced in Unicode 7.0 in 2014, it’s been swirling in our digital conversations, bringing a sense of drama and intensity.

25. Fog 🌫

The fog emoji is like a mysterious veil over our digital narratives, representing uncertainty, haziness, or a sense of calm mystery.

  • Meaning: Signifies fog or mist, often used to depict unclear, obscure, or serene weather conditions.
  • Use: Ideal for conveying a sense of mystery, a foggy morning, or when things feel a bit unclear or undecided in life.
  • Unicode Info: Codepoint U+1F32B, also part of Unicode 7.0 since 2014, it envelops our messages in a layer of atmospheric ambiguity.

Weather Emojis in Texting and Daily Life: Julia’s Stories

Weather emojis aren’t just cute symbols; they often reflect our daily experiences and moods. Here are some instances from my life where these emojis perfectly captured the moment.

A Day at the Beach β˜€οΈ

There I was, planning a day at the beach with my friends. I sent a sunny emoji β˜€οΈ in our group chat, signaling clear skies and perfect beach weather. It set the tone for a day filled with sunshine, laughter, and sandy toes. Text: “Hey everyone! It’s a perfect day for the beach β˜€οΈ. Let’s catch some waves and soak up the sun! πŸ–οΈπŸŒŠ”

A Sudden Change of Plans 🌧

One time, I had planned a picnic, but as I looked outside, I saw dark clouds gathering. I quickly texted my friends the cloud with rain emoji 🌧, indicating that our outdoor plans were about to be drenched. We ended up having an indoor movie marathon instead! Text: “Looks like the weather has other plans for us today 🌧. How about a movie marathon instead? 🍿🎬”

Winter Wonderland ❄️

During the first snowfall of the year, I woke up to a world blanketed in white. I excitedly sent the snowflake emoji ❄️ to my family group, inviting them for a day of building snowmen and sipping hot cocoa. It was a perfect way to embrace the winter spirit. Text: “It’s a winter wonderland outside! ❄️ Anyone up for building a snowman and hot chocolate later? β›„πŸ«”

Caught in a Thunderstorm β›ˆ

Once, while walking home, I got caught in a sudden thunderstorm. I sent the thunder cloud and rain emoji β›ˆ to my roommate, hinting that I’d be home late and completely drenched. It was a small adventure in itself! Text: “It’s a winter wonderland outside! ❄️ Anyone up for building a snowman and hot chocolate later? β›„πŸ«”

Foggy Morning Mystique 🌫

On a particularly foggy morning, which gave my neighborhood an eerie yet beautiful look, I shared the fog emoji 🌫 on my social media. It perfectly captured the mysterious vibe of the morning, almost like something out of a mystery novel. Social Media Post on “X” aka Twitter: “Woke up to this mystical foggy morning 🌫. Feeling like I’m in a Sherlock Holmes story!”

Embracing the Wind 🌬

I remember a day when the wind was particularly strong, making my walk in the park a challenging yet exhilarating experience. I texted the face blowing wind emoji 🌬 to my friend, joking about nearly being swept away by the gusts. Text: “This wind is no joke! 🌬️ Almost got blown away on my walk today. Nature’s version of an amusement park ride! πŸ˜‚

Wrap Up: Embracing the Skies with Weather Emojis

As we bring our emoji-weather journey to a close, it’s clear that these tiny symbols do more than just forecast the weather in our digital conversations. They’re a colorful and creative way to express our feelings, share our experiences, and even tell our stories. πŸŒˆπŸ’¬

From the beaming sunshine β˜€οΈ to the mystical fog 🌫, each weather emoji carries its unique vibe and message. Whether you’re texting about a beach day under the sun or a cozy evening while it’s pouring outside, there’s an emoji to match every mood and moment. And let’s not forget how they beautifully encapsulate the dramatic flair of thunderstorms β›ˆοΈ or the serene beauty of a snowy day ❄️.

Emojis have evolved into a language of their own, transcending cultural and linguistic barriers. They add a sprinkle of fun, a dash of emotion, and a whole lot of personality to our digital narratives. So, the next time you look up at the sky, whether it’s clear, cloudy, or starry, remember there’s an emoji to mirror the weather and your emotions.

And who knows? Maybe in the future, we’ll have even more weather emojis to play with. Until then, let’s keep our conversations lively and expressive with the emojis we have, come rain or shine! β˜”β˜€οΈ

weather emojis for every season

Frequently Asked Questions

What are weather emojies used for when Texting or Tweeting?

Weather emojis are used to represent various atmospheric conditions like sun, rain, snow, etc., in a fun and visual way in texts and social media.

How can I use the sunny emoji in my messages?

The sunny emoji is perfect for depicting clear, bright days. Use it when talking about sunny weather, to express happiness, or when planning outdoor activities.

What does the cloud with lightning and rain emoji mean?

This weather emoji represents a thunderstorm and is used to describe stormy conditions, or metaphorically, to convey intense or turbulent situations.

How is the fog emoji used in digital communication?

The fog emoji is often used to depict foggy weather conditions, or metaphorically, to represent something unclear, mysterious, or serene.

How can I use weather emojis to express my emotions?

Weather emojis can metaphorically represent emotions, like using a rain cloud to show sadness or a sun for happiness and optimism.

Can weather emojis convey different meanings based on context?

Yes, weather emojis can have varied interpretations based on the context. For example, a snowflake can indicate cold weather or symbolize uniqueness and beauty.